Press Release – Quadricycle as Canvas: An Explosion of Colour and Artistry Premiers at the 2014 Auto Expo | February 2014

From the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, design engineers have used the automobile body as a
means through which they could express their artistic visions–stylizing a car’s bonnet, bumper, and
paintwork to capture every creative design detail. Rarely, however, does the body of the car
become the canvas upon which the art, not design, becomes the primary focus of the artistic

Featured at this year’s Auto Expo will be the introduction of the RE60 QUADRICYCLE
SIGNATURE COLLECTION, five eye-popping, vibrantly painted Bajaj RE60 models. The
showcased collection represents an association between Bajaj Auto Ltd. and the renowned
Australian artist and sculptor, Christopher Hogan. The goal of the partnership was to create a visual
celebration for the launch of Bajaj Auto’s new 216cc vehicle on the world stage at the Auto Expo
opening February 6, 2014.

Bajaj Auto Ltd., based in India, commissioned artist Christopher Hogan to conceptualise, design, and
paint a series of five, unique vehicles. Upon accepting the project, Hogan had a strong desire to
showcase India by transforming the RE60 vehicle, India’s revolutionary Quadricycle, from a factorymade
automobile into a cultural statement of expression, incorporating recognizable symbols and
designs native to the country. Hogan carefully researched which national icons would be the most
impactful, visually and would best represent the overall cultural aesthetic. “Vibrant colour is such an
integral ingredient in Indian way of life, that it was an important consideration in the selection of
the five symbols: the Tiger, Lotus Flower, Mango Fruit, Peacock, and Banyan Tree in my finished
creations.” details Hogan.

“I have designed and personally hand-painted each of the RE60 Art Quadricycles in my
contemporary abstract macro style to represent symbolically five national icons that along with
Bajaj Auto, represent the very fabric of the Indian culture.” explains Hogan. Each Quadricycle’s
kaleidoscope of color and recognizable patterns will certainly evoke a sense of excitement,
playfulness, and glee to even the most sceptical automobile-aficionado.

Of his unique, yet distinctively recognisable style of painting, Hogan joking comments, “I was driven
to abstraction. There were enough artists painting ‘well-behaved’ landscapes and marine images
without me adding to the list. Rather, I feel I contribute a contemporary slant through my depiction
of these macro images. In essence, I reduce simple images to a series of spots and stripes”. The
resultant compositions are striking paintings and sculpture that invite multiple interpretations from
the viewer.”

Combining art, culture and technology into a visual package that is CHRISTOPHER HOGAN ART