Born Brisbane 1951, raised in Cairns, Australia. After completing his signwriting apprenticeship he ran the family business before moving to the Gold Coast and it was here in the early ‘80’s that Hogan was able to pursue his passion to become a full-time artist; abandoning signwriting and embarking upon his new career involving painting and sculpture.

Hogan graduated from Queensland University of Technology (QUT). with a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) attaining a perfect score of 7, the highest mark possible, and subsequent invited entry into the Golden Key Honor Society, an International organisation that recognises exceptional scholastic achievement. He also has a Diploma Fine Art from the Brisbane Institute of Art; and is a member of NAVA.

Hogan steadily built-up a discerning client base and carved a reputation for himself within the Australian art scene. It was with the creation of his “Reef Series” paintings that Hogan’s unique, yet distinctively recognisable style emerged.

Developing his style in a conscious departure from his formal signwriting training, where a clear and precise representation of images was a requirement; Hogan joking comments that “I was driven to abstraction. There were enough artists painting ‘well-behaved’ landscapes and marine images without me adding to the list. Rather, I feel I contribute a contemporary slant through my depiction of these macro images. In essence, I reduce simple images to a series of spots and stripes”. The resultant compositions are striking paintings and sculpture that invite multiple interpretations from the viewer.

On his sculpture, Hogan says “I can’t explain the fact that whilst my paintings tend towards organic shapes, my sculpture is largely geometric, hard edged forms. A common denominator though, is embracing the wrongly termed ‘negative space’ as an integral part of the compositions both in 2D and 3D”. His study and work as a sculptor is present in the subtle manipulation of space and spatial relationships, a feature in all his unique designs.

Hogan has exhibited extensively, both solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia’s regional and capital cities, and has been invited to exhibit internationally in the Middle East and Asia.

A seasoned artist, acknowledged for mixing contemporary original designs with the realities of the commercial world, Hogan has been making inroads into the international hospitality and resort design marketplace. Corporate design collections appearing in five star hotels and resorts globally provide dynamic visual interest, while commissions have been delivered on time and to budget.

Hogan is fast gaining acceptance and a reputation for innovative design.

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