Auto Expo 2014: Bajaj shows off RE60 signature collection

Auto Expo 2014: Bajaj shows off RE60 signature collection
India TV Auto Feb. 10, 2014 06:30:34
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Greater Noida: Bajaj has displayed the RE60 quadricycle at the 2014 Auto Expo in eye-­popping and vibrant colors. These were
actually the RE60Quadricycle Signature Collection. The collection represents an association between Bajaj Auto and the renowned Australian artist and sculptor, Christopher Hogan. The aim of the partnership was to create a visual celebration for the launch of Bajaj Auto’s new 216cc vehicle on the world stage at the Auto Expo 2014.

Through these cars, Christopher Hogan depicted five national icons – Mango, Tiger, Lotus, Banyan Tree and Peacock.


Upon accepting the project, Hogan made the RE60 quadricycle into a cultural statement of expression, incorporating recognizable symbols and designs native to the country. In doing so, Hogan carefully researched which national icons would give the most powerful visual impact.


“Vibrant colour is such an integral ingredient in Indian way of life, that it was an important consideration in the selection of the Cive symbols: the Tiger, Lotus Flower, Mango Fruit, Peacock, and Banyan Tree in my Cinished creations.” details Hogan.


“I have designed and personally hand-­painted each of the RE60 Art Quadricycles in my contemporary abstract macro style to represent symbolically Cive national icons that along with Bajaj Auto, represent the very fabric of the Indian culture,” he said.


According to him, each quadricycle’s kaleidoscope of color and recognizable patterns will evoke a sense of excitement and playfulness. “I was driven to abstraction. There were enough artists painting ‘well-­behaved’ landscapes and marine images without me adding to the list. Rather, I feel I contribute a contemporary slant through my depiction of these macro images,” he adds.


The RE60 is a compact vehicle and is looking to replace the unsafe rickshaws. But the government is yet to give the final approvals. If it gets a green signal, then the RE60 will roll out after a few months. Bajaj has stated that they have a production capacity of 200 units per day at their Aurangabad plant.


The quadricycle will prove to be a great alternative to the rickshaws as it will be available in both petrol and CNG fuel options. The Bajaj RE60 is powered by a 200cc DTS-i engine producing 20 BHP of power and gives out a fuel efficiency of 35 km/l. Bajaj is providing two seating configurations with the RE60 – 1Ʊ and 2ư. The instrument console is centrally mounted in the dashboard.


Bajaj is also studying the possibilities of launching the vehicle in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Peru and Nigeria.